Designed right here in Australia, by an Aussie. A perfect example of why we love our thongs so much

Disclaimer: Terms & Conditions:Open strapped footwear generally, or thongs as we know them here in Australia, come with a ‘risk’ attached, a risk that most regular wearers of this type of footwear are already aware of. That risk for those not aware, is because of that open and free nature of the footwear, (which is the reason we love this footwear), however, it leaves our feet exposed to dangers that would otherwise be protected by wearing shoes. We therefore should be mindful of any activity that may put our feet and our bodies in danger by wearing open strapped footwear. The designer of the footwear offered in this website, advises that you wear this open strapped footwear at your own risk:

Although the offset toe-piece described in this website was able to help the designer with his insole alignment problem, the offset toe-piece may not be able to help everyone. It will help most people, but the fact is, we all have feet that come in all shapes and sizes; and therefore because of this, some people may have feet that are of a particular shape, that the offset toe-piece design, does not help completely with their insole alignment problem. It will however help most people to various degrees, depending on the shape of their feet.

Some people may also be sensitive to the synthetic materials used in these products.