Designed right here in Australia, by an Aussie. A perfect example of why we love our thongs so much
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  • Brand New Insole Design: 
‘Aussie Beach Theme’
  • Original Offset toe-piece 
design: RETAINED
  • Comfortable, long lasting, 
better materials used.
  • Suited for men and women.
  • The everyday, all round 
thong for work and play.
This distinctive exclusive Thugs offset toepiece, designed in Australia, helps your heels to stay in the middle at the back end of the insole, resulting in a very comfortable pair of thongs. Add to that comfort by using materials with a high rubber content, gives you a spring to your step, and a quality you can smell. The high rubber content outsole smells like the old rubber beach balls they used to make years ago, giving more grip in the wet. Grab yourself a pair, or two, to take advantage of the free shipping.

Do you want a pair of thongs that you can wear everywhere, do anything in, gardening, you name it, just a great robust stylish pair of thongs for everyday use?

It would be very hard to find anything better, or more Aussie, than these new Thugs Thongs.

Short story from the Inventor of the offset toe-piece, John Calderwood

When I was a wee lad, I would go to the beach with a mate, (his name was Christian), I was so jealous of Christian because he could wear his thongs with his feet smack bang in alignment with the back end of the sole, and there was me, basically walking on the ground, with my thongs swinging outwards on each side of my feet, resulting in my heals making contact with the ground.

I recall vividly, walking along the jetty one day with Christian, looking at him, up, and down, saying to him in amazement, mate how do you do it, do you realise just how lucky you are: He would just smile and shrug his shoulders at me: That annoying fact stayed with me my whole life, until I could stand it no longer, and decided to design my own pair of thongs that would solve that insole heel alignment problem I had.

Whah-la, introducing the ‘offset toe-piece’, like magic, my heels stayed where they were supposed to. It all made sense, we wear our thongs in an offset position, (with toe-piece next to the big toe), it made sense to also offset the toe-piece on the uppers. I named them Thugs, because they are thongs, and they now hug the foot. I could not wait to tell Christian; mate, my thongs problem has been solved.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Feast your eyes on
these new Thugs thongs

We also now, introduce the new Thugs Lite

This new Thugs Lite line will be suited
to those that have a more narrow foot.


A lot of you will remember the old Thugs; they were available in all BigW stores around Australia. They sold very well, and were very popular, one of BigW’s best selling lines infact, but being as I was ‘Exclusive’ to BigW at the time, I was restricted as to the amount of product that I could send to each outlet. The main problem for customers was that they could simply not get enough of the product to keep up the demand. That problem is ‘last years’, no more short supply. Here at ‘’ your Thugs will be available anytime you want them, and even better, we will post them to your house. No more traipsing in to the store to be let down, to be told “oh sorry sir, sold out”. Those days are over Ladies and Gentlemen, we now have ‘’.


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The offer

New Decade 2020 Offer

We have designed this new offer so anyone purchasing just 1 pair can benefit.

25% off every pair. Reducing the price for a single pair to just $29.90

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Disclaimer: Terms & Conditions:Open strapped footwear generally, or thongs as we know them here in Australia, come with a ‘risk’ attached, a risk that most regular wearers of this type of footwear are already aware of. That risk for those not aware, is because of that open and free nature of the footwear, (which is the reason we love this footwear), however, it leaves our feet exposed to dangers that would otherwise be protected by wearing shoes. We therefore should be mindful of any activity that may put our feet and our bodies in danger by wearing open strapped footwear. The designer of the footwear offered in this website, advises that you wear this open strapped footwear at your own risk:

Although the offset toe-piece described in this website was able to help the designer with his insole alignment problem, the offset toe-piece may not be able to help everyone. It will help most people, but the fact is, we all have feet that come in all shapes and sizes; and therefore because of this, some people may have feet that are of a particular shape, that the offset toe-piece design, does not help completely with their insole alignment problem. It will however help most people to various degrees, depending on the shape of their feet.

Some people may also be sensitive to the synthetic materials used in these products.